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Guardian Kids ID Program

What is the Guardian Kids ID Program?

It’s a free community service that helps us spread the word about the importance of child safety while providing parents with tools to help keep their children safe. This program gives parents the opportunity to have their child’s fingerprint and photo taken and printed on a wallet-sized ID badge that they can keep in case of an emergency.

The program utilizes a state-of-the-art fingerprinting lab and digital equipment and has been utilized by various local agencies, including law enforcement, EMS, and fire departments. The Guardian Kids ID badge can be extremely valuable to law enforcement in the event a child is missing or abducted. Since 1997, this program has served over 15,000 families.

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Why does Guardian offer this program at no charge?

Community partnership is key to our mission of educating the public about life safety and the value of security products and services.

We’re always in awe when we hear how a Guardian Kids ID badge was used to help find a child who slipped out of sight at a shopping mall or even to help locate a family member who’d lost a wallet with the card inside of it.

Through our Guardian Kids ID Program, we help raise awareness about child safety, parents receive an invaluable resource, and the kids have a blast!


Who can use the Guardian Kids ID Program?

We have held events with police departments, fire departments, crime watch organizations, schools, day care centers, and child safety groups.

We invite everyone who shares our passion for helping protect children to reach out to us!

Where does it take place?

The program can take place as a part of a planned community event or it can be scheduled as a standalone event. Your Guardian representative can work with you to select the right location for your Guardian Kids ID Program event.

Please note that this service is only offered in the following markets:

  • Baltimore, Maryland
  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Dayton, Ohio
  • Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Rockville, Maryland
  • San Antonio, Texas
  • Tampa, Florida
  • Youngstown, Ohio

Where does the information on the Guardian Kids ID badge go?

Your personal information belongs to you alone, and we fully recognize your concern about protecting your family’s information. Guardian Protection does not keep a database or archive any of your child’s information from a Guardian Kids ID event.

Additionally, we require sponsors, companies, or individuals involved in this event to refrain from collecting, reproducing, or otherwise distributing any personal or private information collected during our Kids ID events.

Guardian Kids ID

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