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How Your Guardian System Responds to Extreme Weather Events and Power Outages

When extreme weather events like tropical storms and hurricanes strike, Guardian Protection is dedicated to helping customers stay safe. If you live in an area affected by tropical storms and hurricanes, here are a few things you need to know about Guardian and your monitored Guardian security system.  

Guardian’s monitoring center is prepared for hurricanes 

Guardian’s U.S.-based, award-winning monitoring centers stay highly prepared for extreme weather by focusing on predicted weather events and increasing our trained monitoring center staff accordingly. Our monitoring centers are both certified by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL), use multiple sources of power, and are fully redundant to sustain our monitoring operations during severe weather events. 

What to expect from your system during extreme weather 

During a hurricane or tropical storm, the first thing you might notice regarding your Guardian security system is a severe weather alert on your panel or keypad. This feature helps make sure you’re aware of dangerous conditions in your area. You can silence the alert when you hear it. 

Learn what to do if you get a severe weather alert here. 

What happens to my security alarm system if the power goes out? 

Power outages are common in severe weather, so it’s helpful to understand what may happen to your security system. Here’s what you need to know if the power fails: 

  • In case of an emergency, you should contact emergency personnel directly if possible. 
  • Your system includes a backup battery that will sustain the system for approximately 4 to 6 hours so the system can continue to have power and protect your home. 
  • You may get a notification on your Guardian app.
  • A power failure will cause your panel to beep. Typically, if you disarm your system in the way that you normally do, the beeping will stop.   
  • If power continues to be unavailable for several hours, your system will likely restart beeping roughly every 4 hours at which time you’ll have to disarm your system again. To learn more about how to silence beeping on your panel, click here. 
  • Your alarm system should continue to transmit signals to Guardian’s 24/7 monitoring center even if the battery is low, provided the signal communication method your system uses is still functioning and has not experienced problems due to the extreme weather.   
  • If your system powers down because of insufficient battery or its communication method is down, your system will no longer transmit signals until the power is restored. 
  • When power is restored to your security system panel, the battery will usually start to recharge. Most panel batteries recharge within 24-48 hours.
  • If your panel battery does not recharge within 48 hours, the battery may need to be replaced. You can learn how to replace your panel battery by checking out our “How-To” battery replacement series. 
  • To ensure it’s communicating with our monitoring center, you can always test your Guardian system at home by logging into your Guardian account.  
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