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Your Video Security Just Got Really, Really Smart!

Home Automation

All security video cameras are not created equal, and Guardian Protection’s video service just became even smarter.

From checking in on your pets to deterring porch pirates, the benefits of arming your home with video cameras are too many to list. But to really get the most out of your home security system, professionally installed and monitored security systems with really smart cameras are the way to go. They allow you to easily see what’s happening at home—anytime, anywhere—using your smartphone, tablet or computer. Even better, they don’t just passively record hours of everyday life; they work seamlessly with your smart home system and send you notifications when something is up.

But you probably don’t want notifications every time the wind blows. Now there’s a solution for that! Upgrading to our new Video Analytics feature, Guardian customers can have even more control over which video alerts they receive. This will give you a better handle on what’s going on at home and cut down unwanted notification noise.

Focus on alerts that matter

Video Analytics gives you smarter video alerts on what matters most to you, distinguishing important events from routine activity in real time. Using artificial intelligence, we can tell you whether a moving object in your driveway is a person, an animal or a vehicle and alert you based on your preferences.

Once something important is detected, you’ll receive an enhanced video alert with a thumbnail image showing what was caught on camera. Plus, when you view your video clips, playback begins where the action starts – helping to avoid troublesome long clips with little action.

Video Analytics help you spot what’s important, even when there is a lot going on. Receive email and text notifications whenever:

  • A vehicle pulls into the driveway (but not every time a car drives by)
  • A person loiters in a specific zone on your property (but not when the mailman comes)
  • A pet jumps up on the sofa (but not when he’s walking around the house)
  • A child leaves the yard (but not when the neighbor’s cat enters)

For even more security, your Video Analytics preferences can drive your light automation! For example, you can choose to have lights turn on only when a person or vehicle is detected in the driveway, but not an animal.

Set Activity Zones

Record the areas you care about and ignore the ones you don’t by drawing virtual fenced-in “zones” on your property. You can select custom zone shapes and even see when someone is lingering on your property by setting a minimum activity time.

Draw Virtual “Tripwires”

Placing “tripwires” in your home or on your property essentially lets you monitor the flow of traffic in important places. Tripwires create an invisible line for your camera to watch and then send you a recorded clip when an object crosses that line.  For example, set one across your driveway that can detect cars coming and going. Tip: Your zones and tripwires can overlap!

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