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Why We’re Obsessed With Professional Monitoring (and You Should Be, Too)

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We got some exciting news recently.

We were just named Monitoring Center of the Year for the second time! The award is given by The Monitoring Association (TMA, formerly known as CSAA), an organization whose vision is that the value of professional monitoring is universally understood (an organization after our own heart!).

We received this honor for the first time in 2015, and this is the first year we have applied since then. Why? The rules prohibit organizations from applying again for three years after winning. Our 2019 recognition essentially marks a back-to-back win for us — the first in the history of this award!

This news came shortly after both of our monitoring centers earned their annual “Five Diamond” accreditation from The Monitoring Association. Five Diamond status is granted annually only to monitoring centers that are committed to the industry’s strictest standards, and we’ve been hitting this mark for 13 consecutive years. Learn more about what it means to be Five Diamond-accredited.

So why is this such a big deal?

A few reasons.

For one, the Monitoring Center of the Year recognition is presented to just one monitoring center operation annually. The award goes to the team viewed as performing at the highest level and giving the best customer service. Winning teams are also recognized for making significant contributions to the industry, the profession, and their communities. In short, it’s #MonitoringGoals.

Also, it’s one thing for a company to say it’s the best at something — companies do that all the time. It’s another for leaders in the industry to agree. It’s a major indicator we’re doing things right and giving our customers the standard of care they deserve!

Further, if you are familiar with us at Guardian, you probably already know we are obsessed with professional monitoring. It’s an essential part of what we do as company. The enormous effort we put into our monitoring operations reflects how seriously we take our responsibility to help protect lives and property.

Additionally, it underscores our belief that the human element in home security is irreplaceable.

Benefits of Professionally Monitored Security

Powered by real people.

The security business is uniquely human. Yes, technology is important, but at the end of the day, what we do is all about the people we help protect.

No one wants to be alone when they’re afraid or feeling unsafe. Whether that protection involves burglary, fire, or a medical emergency, it’s our responsibility to be there for people when they need us. And that doesn’t just mean being responsive; that means truly showing people we care, that they’re not alone, and that they deserve to be safe. This is why our protection specialists stay on the phone with you until help arrives.

Always on, 24/7/365.

Your priority in an emergency is to look out for yourself and the people you love. Why not leave the monitoring to the pros and stay focused on what matters most? With a professionally monitored home security system, the security company will be alerted when something is up and take the proper steps to get help on your behalf.

Plus, you have a busy life. You can’t be everywhere at once, and your safety shouldn’t depend on whether or not you felt your phone vibrate during a work meeting.

Guardian’s monitoring center doesn’t take days off and someone is always ready to help, even if you’re away from home. No more worrying about missed smartphone notifications or leaving your home unattended while on vacation.

Connected to your emergency contacts.

Remember going to the school nurse with a fever or an upset stomach? The moment they had your mom or dad on the phone, you probably felt a wave of relief and comfort. Someone who cares is on the way!

We know you want the people you trust close to you if something goes wrong, and sometimes, you just need backup. This is one reason why, when you choose Guardian Protection as your smart home security provider, you are encouraged to provide a list of emergency contacts. These are the people Guardian will contact for you in an emergency. They should be individuals you trust with access to your home, who understand how to use your alarm system and have a code.

Highly trained monitoring team.

The quality of a monitoring center can impact the outcome of an emergency. The team you trust to help protect your world needs to be highly trained, educated, and running like a well-oiled machine. These are the standards you should expect from your security company’s monitoring operations.

Guardian’s monitoring center protection specialists are rigorously trained and take great pride in their work. Many alarm companies outsource this service to a third party, but Guardian does it all in-house, and our operations are 100% percent U.S.-based. 

Monitored life safety devices.

An unmonitored or even self-monitored home is especially vulnerable to fires. An entire house can be engulfed in flames in just five minutes!

While it’s helpful to get an alert on your smartphone that your house is on fire, it’s even better to get a phone call that a trained team has already notified the fire department that help is needed. Every second counts, and a monitoring center can make the most of those critical moments.

Smoke detectors, heat sensors, and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors installed by Guardian Protection are monitored 24/7. Even if you’re away from home at the time, we’re jumping into action if a fire or CO is detected in your monitored home.

Direct and Intelligent Line to Law Enforcement.

A professionally monitored home security company will communicate with law enforcement and first responders on your behalf when needed. This makes having successful working relationships with local authorities essential.

Our people are familiar with the different policies and procedures within the communities they serve, and work tirelessly to improve our response time and put programs in place to reduce accidental alarms.

In fact, we recently received the Police Dispatch Quality (PDQ) Award from the Security Industry Alarm Coalition! Only one U.S. alarm company receives this award each year, and the honor demonstrates our efforts to reduce false alarm dispatches by working closely with law enforcement, training our team members, educating customers, and implementing high-quality alarm reduction programs.

Ready to make your home safer, smarter, and more connected?

Whether you’re a current Guardian customer or are learning about professional monitoring for the first time, we’re here to answer any questions you have. Call us at 1.800.PROTECT (1.800.776.8328) or visit to learn more about smart home security and what professional monitoring can do for you.

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