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Top Five Home Security Articles of 2018

DIY Home Security | Home Automation

The Home Matters Blog shared over 50 new home security articles in 2018 providing helpful information about home security, safety and other matters of the home. We’ve compiled the numbers to highlight which home security articles our readers found most helpful this year. Have you read these top five?

How to Know Guardian’s Monitoring Center is Calling

Guardian’s monitoring center has a new number so it’s even easier to know when Guardian is calling. If you’re a current customer and you haven’t yet programmed our new number, you’re going to want to read this home security article!

Prep Your Security System for Daylight Saving Time

With the biannual clock changes, there are a couple of things to keep in mind regarding your security system. The practical nature of this home security article very popular. You might want to save the link for this one for the next DST change.

A Better Smart Home Security Control Panel

In February we announced a new security control panel that’s really changing the game. The Guardian IQ2 looks and feels like a smartphone, is easy to use and provides added value with built-in devices and services.It’s also quick and reliable, adding even more peace of mind to your life. This article explains the major features of the panel and how they make home security systems smarter and more convenient.

How-to Help Prevent Break-ins

A home security system helps if someone attempts to break into your home, but ideally you would prevent a burglary attempt altogether. This home security article give expert advice on what you can do to make your house a difficult target including layering your security measures in your home. Since burglary and home theft can happen anytime, anywhere no matter the neighborhood, helping to prevent break-ins should be a priority for everyone.

Smart Home Security Trends to Watch in 2019

This article highlights experts from Guardian about the trends they predict will dominate the home security and automation world in 2019. If your interested in smart technology or curious about how security systems are getting even better at what they do, this home security article is a must read. 

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