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How to Stop the Beeping On Your Security System Panel

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“Trouble” beeping on your security panel can happen for different reasons, and the appropriate steps will vary based on your specific panel and what is causing the beeping.

Log in to Customer Care for More Personalized Info

For a customized experience and more detailed information, we recommend logging into your personal Customer Care account. Here you can easily find the name of your panel as well as your system’s recent event history. To view event history, find “System Info” in the left-hand column and choose “Events.” This log of recent activity may indicate what prompted the trouble signal.

You will also find extensive resources on the Customer Care site, including manuals and answers to common troubleshooting questions (choose “Resources” under System Info).

Quick Steps

Below are a few quick steps you can take to silence beeping caused by a trouble signal (low battery, tampers, etc.). Please note these are a temporary fix to stop the beeping and may not permanently address the underlying issue. You can always call us at 1.800.PROTECT (1.800.776.8328) to ensure the issue is resolved and your system is working properly. 

Concord 4

  • Arm/Disarm system OR


  • Perform a system status check by pressing ** on the touchpad

Simon XT

  • Arm/Disarm system


  • Press Status key, followed by Disarm (no code needed)

Simon XTi / Simon XTi5

  • Arm/Disarm system


  1. Press the Settings Icon
  2. Under Panel Status, press Listen, followed by Clear

2 GIG Go! Control

  1. Press the trouble alert icon button
  2. If there are more than three alerts, use up and down arrows to scroll through the list
  3. After viewing troubles, press OK to acknowledge

Qolsys IQ / IQ2

  1. Press the Message icon (*)
  2. Press Messages/Alarms/Alerts button
  3. Select Acknowledge All, then press OK

First Alert / Vista Keypad Panels

  • Enter code, then press Off key


  • Just press Off key

First Alert Touchscreens

  • Select Disarm icon, then enter code

DSC Systems

  1. Press # key to silence trouble beeping
  2. Press *2 to view trouble conditions

Call if You Need Help

It’s also important to recognize that some trouble signals may indicate a problem that we need to help you address — for example, you recently renovated your home and your system is not communicating properly. In instances like this, please call us at 1.800.PROTECT (1.800.776.8328) so we can assist you.

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