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25 Days of Guardian

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When you think of the holidays, what comes to mind? Decorating pine trees? Filling your home with the smell of snickerdoodles baking in the oven? Grabbing a blanket and cuddling up next to the heater to watch The Grinch? (Jim Carrey’s version, of course.)

Whatever you associate with the holiday season, we at Guardian Protection want you to be safe. But rather than be totally serious during this time to relax, reflect, and gather with family, we thought we’d help you enhance your holiday celebrations with 25 tips, reminders, and feel-good words each day leading up to December 25.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Day 1 – We are here for YOU.

It makes sense for us to start the #25DaysofGuardian off with the most important one: YOU. You are our priority, and it’s all about helping you #ProtectYourWorld. If we can make you feel special along that way, that’s the cherry on top for us.

Click here to learn more about how we can help protect your world with our home security and business security.

Day 2 – Unplug your Christmas tree.

Decorating is fun and exciting, and since practically everyone has had their holiday decorations out since before Thanksgiving, here’s a friendly reminder to unplug your lights anytime you leave the house or go to sleep for the night. It’s definitely not the elf’s job to remember…

Day 3 – Check your smoke detectors.

Since the holiday season tends to see a spike in home fires, we highly recommend you check your smoke detectors to ensure they are working properly. Our smoke detectors are monitored all hours of the day every day of the week, which will help protect your world (home and family) from fire and smoke around the clock (even if you’re not home).

Day 4 – Beware of porch pirates.


December 4 is #NationalProtectYourPackageDay, and after all of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping you just did, you’ll want to make sure your purchases are safe from porch pirates. The good news is we can help you with this through our video doorbell. This smart doorbell has motion sensors, two-way communication to scare the pirates off your porch, and mobile alerts so you’re always in the know.

Day 5 – We are here to help you.

Investing in a home security system (or business security system) can be a lot to take in. At Guardian Protection, our professional customer care representatives and professional installers will talk and walk you through everything you need to know about our security systems and how to operate them efficiently. Learn about our Home Security Essentials package here.

Day 6 – On average, 260 home fires begin with Christmas trees each year.

While Grumpy Cat might be funny, we hold this extremely high for safety priorities. According the ESFi, an average of 260 home fires begin with Christmas trees every year. Help prevent fires by preparing your home and letting Guardian Protection’s 24/7 monitoring center be your eyes in the sky. Check out our Family First package.

Day 7 – Our people follow the Golden Rule.

In many cases, you are welcoming us into your home for installation and troubleshooting, so our professionals are trained to treat you how they would want to be treated if someone was entering their home. It’s not just the Golden Rule, but the Guardian Way.

Day 8 – Heating equipment safety

Brrrrrr! December can be pretty chilly, and sometimes our home’s heating systems don’t seem to be enough to keep our toes toasty. So, what do most people do? Turn on a space heater. That’s all fine and dandy, but let us share with you something that isn’t dandy at all… According to the ESFi, heating equipment was involved in an estimated 66,100 homes in 2008.

Day 9 – We’ve got your back.

Day 9 #25DaysOfGuardian

The holidays are prime time for burglaries. People leave their houses to be with family and (most of the time) there are brand new electronics, purses, Jordans, etc. freshly unwrapped right under the tree. Any thief would be itching to attempt a break-in, but with our 24/7 monitoring they will fail like Joanne’s situation. We’ve been inspired to create a Burglar Buster package.

Day 10 – Keep pets away from Christmas trees.

If you have a curious cat or pup with a wandering nose, you’ll want to do your best to keep them away from your tree. Check out our Pet Parent package that includes 24/7 professional monitoring and video surveillance for you to check in on what they are up to, and more.

Day 11 – We mean business.

Guardian Protection is not just for the residential population—we have business security options as well. Since most businesses are closed during the holidays, we highly recommend looking into our business security solutions.

Day 12 – Keep trees watered.


If your fam prefers that fresh pine smell in your home during the holidays, it’s vital to keep your real tree watered and moist. But why? If the tree is on the dry side, it is more likely to catch fire and spread throughout your home. The Red Cross (and us) are telling you to keep your Christmas tree moist.

Day 13 – We help protect your world, and more.

In this specific situation, a burglar was caught red-handed. The alarm went off, and he took off, forgetting a piece of paper he carried in with him. Once the paper was turned into the police, the thief was able to be located and convicted for the crime(s) he committed. That ^^^ made us #GuardianProud to do what we do.

Day 14 – Keep your tree and presents away from the window.

While it’s magical to see your tree from outside of your home during the holidays, it’s also dangerous. You never know who is walking by and what their intentions are — it’s a risk that a thief will be more tempted to break-in. Get more of our holiday home security tips here.

Day 15 – We know time is money.

Ain’t nobody got time for that! And by that, we mean wait around for service or repairs to happen. That’s just one reason Why Guardian.

Day 16 – Blow out your candles.


You cleaned your house, you have a full belly, and you selected the perfect flick for family movie night. What could possibly be missing? The aroma of your cinnamon candle burning to fill the air. Who doesn’t love a good candle? BUT, the Red Cross found that candle fires are four times more likely to occur during the holidays. So if you are planning to light any, just be extra cautious.

Day 17 – We’ve got you covered.

We know that security systems can be a little overwhelming, especially when the alarm is accidentally set off, but that’s what we are here for! As soon as you alarm sounds, we call you to see if everything is okay and take any necessary actions to help you get the situation under control — even if it is a mistake.

Day 18 – Space heaters cause fires.

We all know that one person who seems to always be cold, especially in the office. So whether they wear a blanket around the office or sneak in a space heater, everyone knows about it. The problem is space heaters cause 32% of heating equipment fires according to the ESFi. It’s best to keep a close eye on the usage of these, and never leave them on when you’re not around.

Day 19 – We are committed to staying ahead of the curve.

Nowadays, technology can be in one day and out the next with the newer, shinier, faster tech. At Guardian Protection, our technology is cutting-edge. With mobile alerts, you can stay connected to your home and see what’s going on when you can’t be there. If you’re someone who travels a lot, our Frequent Flyer package might be just right for you.

Day 20 – The holidays see more home fires.

(We just thought this was a good tip in general to help keep your kids on the “Nice List.”) With all of the holiday activities, people over, pets running around, and kids getting into everything, it’s a challenge to keep a pulse on everything going on around you. Because of that, anything could happen. The Red Cross found that there are nearly 47,000 fires during the holidays, and we believe a lot of it has to do with all of the distractions going on around us.

Be sure to keep an extra eye out, and we got your back with our smoke detectors.

Day 21 – We love our smart security.

With all of the hustle and bustle, running to the stores for last minute gifts or last minute ingredients, it’s hard to remember to arm your system sometimes before leaving. With our mobile app, you have the ability to control your security system and home automation devices from your smartphone!

Day 22 – Home fires peak during the holidays.

It’s extremely easy to wish you had eight more hands to get the house prepared before your family floods in for the seven fishes— just make sure one of the 10 hands doesn’t swat the spider and a candle at the same time.

Day 23 – We aim to fit in everyone’s lives.

We are here for you, and that doesn’t mean breaking the bank to feel safe in your own home.

Life is better when it’s safe, and we work hard to reflect that in our services.

Day 24 – Don’t overload electrical outlets.


With all of the lights and decorations, it seems like there never are enough outlets to plug everything in. Do your best to not overload your outlets in case of sparks catching.

Day 25 – We want to protect your world.

That right there is exactly why we do what we do. Our mission is to help you feel safe at home, even when you aren’t there including your family, your pets, and your belongings. We are there even when you aren’t.

And there you have it! 25 Days of Guardian Protection (and no partridge in a pear tree). Did you enjoy these 25 days with us? It doesn’t have to end! Give us a call at 1.800.PROTECT (1.800.776.8328) to find out what 24/7/365 smart security and monitoring could mean for you. 

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